Hotels in Silistra - Inexpensive hotel for workers and groups

Worker's hotel, Silistra was established at the end of 2013. Its main goal is to provide customers with quality services at lower prices. If you are looking for an inexpensive hotel in Silistra for you or your workers, Worker's hotel, Silistra is the best place where you can stay.


Your group will be accommodated in rooms with cable TV, WiFi connection, a private bathroom and hot water. All rooms are air conditioned and soundproofed, with electronic locks and lighting, an audio system and a fire alarm system. The conditions are much better than those in hostels, villas, chalets and the other places offering low-cost services in the area.


The hotel is situated at the main road Ruse - Sililstra, close to a railway and a bus station, just a few minutes drive from downtown . Our guests can use a large free guarded parking for cars, buses and trucks. We also offer car rental for groups that need to travel to their workplace.


Last but not least, Worker's hotel has a restaurant, a conference room and a gym. We will try to provide you with a nice and comfortable accommodation at good prices in one of the best hotels in Silistra. Contact us to discuss your needs!